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Bolingbrook Christian Health Center
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Children are a special gift from God and we treat them as the precious treasures that they are. The Bolingbrook Christian Health Center approaches pediatrics within the context of the family. We recognize that many factors influence children’s health. Our goal is to help families adopt plans individualized to their child’s needs and that promote the child’s growth and development. We consider it a true joy to care for children. We will always be available as needs arise.


Dr. Verlainna Callentine

Dr. Verlainna Callentine has dedicated herself to being a lifelong child and family advocate. As a pediatrician in one of the busiest emergency rooms in Illinois, Dr. Callentine has seen first hand many of the intricate issues and problems that affect children and families. Dr. Callentine is concerned about the steady removal of authority from parents which is eroding our society. Parents are obstructed from deciding what is in the best interest of their own children. This erosion of parental rights can be seen in public schools, on the homeschooling front, and as well in the medical arena. Dr. Callentine is dedicated in the fight to rebuild the American family and believes that children need their parents more than ever to grow into healthy, spiritual mature adults.

Dr. Callentine received her training as an undergraduate from Northwestern University, earning a B.A. in Human Development and Social Policy. She obtained a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Widener University and completed her doctorate in medicine at University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. She received her pediatric residency training at Christ Hospital and Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois. As a former public school teacher, a former college basketball coach, a youth volunteer and mentor, a wife of fourteen years, and a mother of three children, Dr. Callentine adds to her experience and exposure many of the issues that affect parents and their children.


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