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Bolingbrook Christian Health Center
151 Briarcliff Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Phone: 630-783-2832
Fax: 630-783-2837

Laboratory Services

Our lab is available to all patients who have seen a medical provider at Bolingbrook Christian Health Center. Labs are ordered by our medical team. There are morning appointments for those who need to fast as well as evening times. While the Bolingbrook Christian Health Center will cover the expense of the patient’s lab fee, we do ask for a $20 payment to assist us in meeting those costs. When your lab report is evaluated, one of our staff will call you to explain the results and let you know if anything else is needed.

Saturday (4th Saturday of month) 9 AM – Noon

Stool (fecal) testing is a useful tool for identifying those at risk for gastrointestinal bleeding and Colerectal Cancer. The Bolingbrook Christian Health Center has access to a very sensitive testing tool called the FIT test. The patient must do the stool collection at home according to the following directions. The sample is placed and sealed into the small light green container. It is very important to fully label the container with your complete name according to your photo ID, your date of birth (month-day-year), the date and time the sample was done. Please return your container fully labeled inside the enclosed cardboard envelop. BCHC will contact you when the results become available. This can take up to one week. If you do not receive a call please notify us.

New Patient Forms

Please download each of the new patient forms and fill them in preparation for your first visit.

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New Patient Information
Medical History
Privacy Practice Information
New Patient Information
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Privacy Practices Information
Privacy Practices Signature

Please fill out the Patient Update form should your information change.

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