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Stool Collection Directions

Read all package insert directions carefully before sample collection. Test results may be invalid if test is not performed properly.

Collect stoop per sample collection instructions below.

Sample Deposit

  • Place supplied collection paper inside toilet bowl on top of water.
  • Deposit stool sample on top of collection paper.
  • Collect sample from stool before paper sinks and stool sample touches water.
  • Flush. Collection paper is biodegradable and will not harm septic systems.

Sample Collection

  • Fill in all required information on the sampling bottle. Open green cap by twisting and lifting.
  • Scrape the surface of the fecal sample with the sample probe. Cover the grooved portion of the sample probe completely with stool sample.
  • Close sampling bottle by inserting the sample probe and snap green cap on tightly. Do not reopen. Return the sampling bottle to your doctor or laboratory in envelope provided. Please do not mail to Polymedco.

Prepare for mailing or return to Doctor’s office.

  • Remove plastic bag and absorbent pad from envelope.
  • Wrap sampling bottle in absorbent pad and insert into plastic bag.
  • Insert plastic bag with sampling bottle and absorbent pad into envelope.
  • Peel tape from flap.
  • Fold flap at prefold line.
  • Press firmly to seal.

Return to your doctor or laboratory.