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Bolingbrook Christian Health Center
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Research shows that the earlier prenatal care is begun, the easier the pregnancy and the healthier for the mom and baby. We want to make it easy for all of our patients who think they may be pregnant to have early access to pregnancy testing. This can be scheduled as a nurse visit within the week of your call. One of our nurse practitioners, physician assistants or doctors will go over the results with you. If you are pregnant, we can immediately refer you into the WIC (women infants and children) program in your county. We will give you a prescription with proof of your pregnancy and the estimated date of your baby’s birth. You must take this, along with your proof of income and address to your local WIC office. They will give you an application so that you can receive a medical card entitling you to free medical care for the length of your pregnancy and help you apply for assistance with food. While you have a medical card, you are not eligible for medical care at BCHC, but we are always happy to answer questions that involve your family and your newest member on the way. Because we know that pregnancy can be an emotional and financially challenging time for many new moms as well as repeat moms, we are happy to partner with the Pregnancy Resource Center and CareNet who are both agencies eager to assist you in many ways. They can provide an ultrasound of your baby, parenting classes, baby clothes/furniture/supplies, mentoring and of course prayer! Please ask us for their information. We will also write you a prescription to begin your prenatal vitamins immediately. These are free at the pharmacy at Meijer. Prenatal vitamins have been a proven source of improving the health of newborns in our country. We encourage you to take advantage of them right away.